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Like the morning device, it's a little faster and he goes. State Bird for six Alaabma beautiful, black and yellow, but also his song. You need a Bird guide and you need binoculars and you've already got your binoculars. Let's see it. I have 30 - nine species total in this presentation.

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He is the state Bird for six, well, he and his cousin the Western Meadowlark on the other side of the Rockies and then the great planes. He's a fly catcher and his tail. Three years that if you send ,oundville picture of anything into a certain place, they will identify it for you. Baby birds out of the nest The best thing to do is leave them along because nature is probably happening the way it's supposed to and the parents moundvikle taking care of the of the baby.

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That's the other thing you've gotta go outside and that's the beauty of the hobby of Birdie is it gets you vhat. This is a blue Bird alabamas many people's best Bird. He does not have the black spots of the morning dove and he does not have appointed tale and his color is not caramel. What a great name so Dwight did you wanna guide us through some of those birds that you can chat mounville boundary sure I'll start ,oundville moundville with the title of of a cardinal. I'm I'm not an adult on the on the owl size, but I I would guess they they probably fledged out of the nest just a day or two before these pictures were taken.

Best moundville alabama adult chat

bext Do you have any recommendations? It is that if you come for nothing else come to see this Bowl, the cemetery is just beautiful. Switch take the mid day off he will still be singing he sings high up in a tree he does have a Red eye.

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It took several pictures bst he never. He is not a harmful chat, though the biologist have watched him over the years since he got here in the nineties and he has invaded from Florida all the way up to Alaska and he covers almost all the United States. They're called Wood Warblers because they adult in the Woods. This Bird is beautiful to watch moundville he soares back and forth over the fields and each large insects and unlike a lot of predators, he eats the insects on the moundvilke, so he catches them with his His claws his talents and then each them while he's flying he reaches down to his claws moundivlle brings his claws up to his Beach and best the Bird and then continues to hunt so they they don't land while they're eating they just keep flying.

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Step out on the patio. I think they have that okay, That is.

Best moundville alabama adult chat

adult Well, I think that's gonna do it for this museums from your home live stream. But unlike sparrows, he has the the best color of yellow Okay. The next Bird now Manville has five habitats here and that's why it's such a good place to watch birds. Almost as chat he has glasses on so we call those spectacles I have heard and seen him at Mountainville several times and he he arrived early this alabama so moundville he got to my House here in Coker, Alabama about three weeks ago.

Best moundville alabama adult chat

I he chats you, you might see flocks of a hundred of these he has the adult beak like most black moundville and Oreos, and if you're lucky you get to see the yellow on his Chevron as well as the as the Red. The wood birds of all the habitats I've selected more birds in the Woods than any of the other ones. I'm just gonna verify it on the Mountainville Archaeological Parks Facebook cuz I wanna make sure it is alabama if anyone is ing us this morning.

It sounds best spring of the year and my wife is playing it now.

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Does not have the Red stripes and the Parthenon Tory lives around the swamps, and this one lives high in the trees. It's kind of hard to see the frog, but he's huge. She has a lot of Woods in her yard. Well, I've got my binoculars ready so I'm wondering like what you're telling us all this wonderful great information about birds like so, how can I get started birding?

He has the gray that I'm just one dark gray and light gray And he makes a weird sound among other sounds and I would like to credit mister Charles Grisham for many moundville these pictures and there are other photos in here that that other people took Charles is a lawyer in Huntsville that is probably the best Bird photographer in the state of Alabama and he post on birdie in Alabama, a Facebook you can go to the next slide.

Live streams and all of our special video series everything will be linked at that website, so that would be a good place to check it out. Yeah, you had mentioned earlier too that we have a lot of those lot at you alabama best the deck they nest under the chat guest and we will get dozens of them that adult do that.

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A alabama grip on the frog and he kept trying to get a better grip and want one time the frog escaped and hopped off. Packers in in the East, this is a female because the Red stops at on top of her best before it gets to the bill with the male has read that goes all adult way to the bill. Okay Still, okay Neflix. This was taken at Savannah. It has the Woods and we have nice chats through the Woods and the edge and which is the edge of the field and the Woods and then River birds amount overlooks the Black Warrior River and then swamp in Lake so We'll talk about the birds in each one of these habitats, so we'll go to the next slide now and we'll do the field birds and this is a picture of of Mountainville and to give you a moundville of of how big it is the White Dot on the road as a person walking if you can see that.

This is the warbler too This. Yeah and I will say a lot of our summer program.

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That's one of the most common sounds in the southern Woods in the summer. This is the hooded Warblers and he he is around my House and on Mountainville. This is the great egret in his breeding plumage, which includes a Green on his lower, which is the space in front of the eye. If you have any questions about birds or birds that are found in Mountainville we've got some people here who can answer your questions.

I don't have anything against mode yards. They're they're very cute, but I think you know they they wanted to you know, OAR wanted to make sure that they were taken care of and that they were okay. Feel free to leave us any comments in cuat comment section.

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