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They both dropped in for a short visit and some vhat work after sunset on Sunday Please help us support Jackie and Shadow and their neighborhood. There are other steps we can take. They both had to do a little raven watching one landed right above the nest. Sandy ps.

The next day, a brave gray squirrel was the first visitor of the day, but he was quick to leave before Jackie arrived a minute later--she could obviously tell someone had been in her nest. Saturday was apparently their day off to hang out at the lake.

Big bear lake phone chat

Both places she seemed to be staring at her feet a lot, so we're wondering if that squirrel left something behind that sticks to feet Wednesday's visits continued the intense work and even more intense play. Jackie was especially flirted this visit.

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After Jackie left, Shadow stayed to work Sandy August 28, - Cam repair still in process The repairs to the eagle cam are still in process. Sandy December 13, - Busy Times Yesterday was an exciting la,e busy day at the nest. December 11, - A Little Work We had things set up for repairs to take place last week but then forest fires in Southern California, including one right over the ridge from Big Bear Valley, got much worse and the local national forest was vig to everyone.

They were in and out bringing more sticks all morning He continued until after sunset She had a few interesting fly ins….

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We'll have to watch and see what they decide to do next. Soon after, Shadow popped into the nest from the back door Shadow moved a stick forward and just as he was laying it down, Jackie took it and moved it further forward--so it could get vear exactly the right spot.

Big bear lake phone chat

They started late morning and worked diligently for almost two hours. When Jackie sat again, Shadow arrived with a big stick that accidentally poked Jackie in the wing Shadow kept working on his sticks in the background while Jackie seemed to be checking out the new camera location--but then she went right back to her nest work No worries, though--her look was enough to get him to remove it immediately.

Big bear lake phone chat

She spent the rest of the afternoon moving the big furniture from place to place, several times heading right towards the camera…. She tried phpne the nest bowl for a bit before ing him in the roost tree and chortling all the way to it. Just when Shadow bit like he was leaving, Jackie moved a stick, which of course got Shadow all interested again, so he came back in and moved more sticks.

Big bear lake phone chat

And as Jackie headed to the left limb door to leave, Shadow couldn't stop himself from a little bite on her tail feathers Shadow ed her at one point Jackie did one more short nest-bowl sit before they headed out to the roost tree. She couldn't resist a little evening chortle Then they were both back in the nest for a bit of tangled together work, which always seems to lead to a little beaky bitey.

So we were able to zoom in for a few close-ups of this handsome guy. She soon returned and sat to try out the nest, which got the kissy kissies started again. Sandy December 8, - Nosey Neighbors After a short chxt, Jackie and Shadow decided to visit the nest yesterday afternoon. Shadow arrived first to do his normal tidying up and surveying before Jackie ed him.

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All in all a great day at the nest! The neighborhood Ravens love to play in the wind and yesterday they were out and about, even stopping in to check out the nest a few times.

We will have a donation tracker up on the website soon, so you can check in to see how we're doing. Sandy November 19, - Nest Preparation Jackie and Shadow have been diligent in continuing their nest work over the past few days--bringing sticks some the phons of small trees! For anyone who might not realize it, this nest camera is run and streamed by an off-grid, solar-powered, complex system in a harsh bdar environment.

Big bear lake phone chat

Thank you!! Then, as always, went back to looking all innocent about it as they continued working Paint would have added dangerous chemicals to the nest. Then it was Shadow's turn Yesterday, Jackie was up beae in sticks before dawn and looking at the camera to make sure we were all noticing!

Big bear lake phone chat

After a bit of general surveying, there was We can hardly wait to get back to seeing them playing kissy beaky in their penthouse nest like the last time they were on camera. He phonne her back, though She was back the next evening for some more sitting, and Shadow's arrival led to a little stick work and a little beaky bitey They worked together moving sticks, a little kissy kissy, move a stick, another beak bump… both supervising the other on stick placement.

Big bear lake phone chat

That calmed down for a minute, but Shadow couldn't resist a little nibble ,ake her wing, which started up the kissy beaky activities again Please Check out our visitor guidelines below before Booking.

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