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Yes ma' am it is it's gonna be a lot of fun, both the Beach houses are they're on top of one another and they're very And we're two streets down from the waters and that's gonna be fun. Slleep is oh. I'm not you know I know I used to be night time phlebotomist it was not what they call this.

Disrupted sleep

Y'all Y'all wanna see my messy craft storage upstairs It is a mess like I have so much stuff to go through. Oh well. I'm gonna have to get me another wagon. That's a good price.

How to deal with sleep anxiety

I have to be careful with my back. Hey, Christine. Let me see if I can turn this camera around. Pennies this heart pendant was on a bracelet that was like 80 percent off and it's all like little bitty rubies. I wake you up. I'll take it over it is ours anyway, but we'll probably. Hey, Rose, I thought your daughter and I was going to help you actually she my son put on a firework show for other town and anyway we decided to do it this coming weekend.

I cant sleep need to chat

I told you I might start singing and oh yeah. Hey, Carla. I I have this nights sometimes in tonight's one of them. I'm like, Oh.

10 fun things to do when you can’t sleep

I know Gary I'm wide awake. I like to buy from Hobby Lobby. Also I'm gonna start letting others create something on Monday nights in the group. Max Edgington, a year-old who briefly lived in a small town in northern Canada, avoided buying Wi-Fi for months, instead carefully perching his phone on the windowsill, where, from the right position, it could allow him to barely access a local public network and videochat with his partner, who lived just north of the U.

It's gonna have to get all cleaned up for us to move to the other place so anyway, so y'all got to see my messy late at night or in the morning hours. You're loving this fabric. See you all tomorrow night ready to make that snowman goodnight everybody. Thank cat.

I'm gonna need some help. Doesn't sound like fun?

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I have found jumbo glitter at hobby Lobby I believe and even Walmart I think last year, I'm just out of it Like all I have right now is this kind of stuff but Hobby lobby, Linda and Walmart I believe jumbo glitter. Ruby and. I'm back.

Even my sisters stays up sometimes to 23 in the morning. I think this was from HomeGoods. I think you said it'll take about four to six weeks to do the show. I don't know nothing. In the either or it's not my friend apparently this week.

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And if you're on here. I like how y'all the cowboy boot. I'll be home. I know she's gonna do it then.

I cant sleep need to chat

Oh my goodness I'm back. I love how I've been doing them Captain says. Let me see if I can find where they're at.


Right now, I'm trying to think what I wanna do. I don't. Sharon says it's in California. And so let me see that sheet is over here. I got a lot on my mind again, Y'all and I'm curious says no. So I'm like why not just come in here and work on finishing nred thing seeing who else is up.

I seriously like I could've swore I. Shelly we are gonna have some fun and you know what we're gonna have some fun.

Awake at 3 a.m.? strategies to help you to get back to sleep

I had. Some, such as Klepacs and Alvarez, had recently closed the distance in cnat relationship and no longer needed to rely on technology each night. It's gonna have to wait.

I cant sleep need to chat

A heart dangling from a bracelet I think they had it 80 percent off. They can also occur after taking certain types of medication, such as antidepressants.

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