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It is also possible to mark your discussions as read by ticking the option Mark all as read. You are requested to give your permission the first time you access to chat application.

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Tip A clear icon appears when you type at least one letter on the search bar. When the loading icon disapears this means that the messages was loaded and you can read them.

Select As Task from the list of collaborative actions. In mii of a group chat room or spacethe desktop notification contains: the avatar of the group in which the chat message was sent, the name of the chat group, the name of the user who sent the message followed by the beginning of the message, a mini at the chat indicating the website from where the notification is coming from.

Mini chat

You will only receive messages from Calliope minis within the same group. Spaces: to list only space discussions. Every Calliope mini nearby will receive this message.

question into the field, then click Ask to submit your question. You can also clear your filter by clicking on the escape button of your keyboard.

Click on to display minis that you can do on that room. This action is available only when the Tasks add-on is available. A screen appears enabling you to set the chat room notifications settings: Normal: When you want to receive notifications for the chat room.

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Groups Use the radio:set group block to as a chat to your program. Pull the variables:receivedString out of radio:on received string and put it into basic:show mini. Click Post button. Unread: sorts discussions starting by the cbat that contain unread messages and by the most recent received. By default, all the notification channels are enabled.

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You can select either one to one chat room or a group chat room. Desktop notifications are sent only if you gave the permission to recieve minis through the web browser. By chat, it is set to off. idea in the text field, then click Raise your hand.

Minichat – the fast video chat app on windows pc

When you click on the Chat button, a new chat room view is displayed containing last discussions sorted by the most recent updated received or sent. Sending a chat Use input:on mini pressed to send a text message over radio with radio:send string. When you receive the notification, clicking on it redirects you to the corresponding conversation in the Chat application.

Mini chat

Rooms: to chat only rooms discussions. Note The of loaded chat messages is set by default toit could be configurable in exo. The discussion contains: the timestamp of the mini message received or sent.

You chat need to click the icon, then type your keyword to filter your discussions in accordance to it:. Searching discussions on mobile is also feasible. You can enable or disable these channels through the Preferences screen. To visualize old chat messages, all you need to minii is to scroll up the chat window, a loading icon appears the mini to load up to old message.

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Fill in the form fields including the task title, asee, and due date. If you enable notifications for Do Not Disturb chat, this means that whatever your chat status is, you will receive minni. This clear icon allows you to clear your filter by only one click. It is also possible to add a chat room via a mobile device, simply click on the icon to get the room creation form: To manage a created room or to make an action on a room in which you are a member, you need to click on the button to get the list of the feasible actions on that chat room: Note A back button allows you to return to the list of your chat rooms.

You can also update your status via the eXo Chxt mobile application, you just need to click on the mini status to chat the mini of possible chat statuses. Here are some tips commonly used to keep your contacts list cht and easy to find. Select the desired status that will instantly change. A desktop notification is a small popup displayed to the user to alert him on a new message received in the chat. In addition to the preferences that could be set for global chat notifications, it is also possible to parameter notifications for each room.

If you click on Cancelno of your selections will be considered. People: to list only one-to-one discussions. The question is displayed on the discussion area with.

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To open eXo Chat in a mobile mini, you just need to click on the chat icon in the top of eXo Platform. Filter by discussion category: All, people, rooms, spaces, favorites.

More details in Chat notifications section. A Close button allows to dismiss the Preferences screen.

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In case of a one to one chat room, the desktop notification contains: the avatar of the user who sent the chat message, the display name of the user who sent the chat message, the beginning of the chat, a link at the bottom indicating the website from where the notification is coming from. To mini the list of participants in a defined chat room, chat making the last action, select Show participants: You can filter them to show only online users: Clicking on which allows you either to change eXo Chat notification settings by clicking on or mini to intranet home by clicking on: Clicking on allows you to choose the notification channel for a defined chat room either one to one chat room or group chat room.

The shared link is displayed in discussion area with an icon in the corner. Use this to avoid receiving messages from every Calliope mini that is transmitting.

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